Scale: 1 metre

Experiment to compare the sound of a harp as heard from inside at the baby’s listening position, and outside, an incubator in a busy Neonatal Intensive Care unit (Reason: to be assured of what the “audience” is hearing)

Position of recorders

(1 on lid of incubator, 1 directly below on a folded blanket inside the incubator at baby’s head position)

Method: A control recording was made with the two identical recording machines together outside, to ensure levels and frequency responses matched.

Then one recorder was wrapped in a thin sterile bag and placed in incubator with the microphone facing upwards - the other recorder was placed vertically above the inside one, on the lid, with the mic also facing upwards.

Incubator was empty but had blankets and mattress ready for use, and the ports were closed as they normally are in use.

Future experiments

Click here to listen to speech and music for 15 seconds outside, then the same 15 seconds as heard inside



(Ravenna 34)

Date: Experiment carried out by Mark Harmer in July 2013. As far as I know, no-one has done this before!!


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