Making music better
Learning from playing live music in a Neonatal Intensive Care unit

This project brings live harp music into the Neonatal Intensive Care unit at Gloucester Hospital (UK). We use music unusually, to help the relationships between mother and child, and to humanise the hospital environment for staff and users. The original music we create will also be available free of charge and will be used in groups for those mothers who take their children on to special needs Baby groups which encourage social and physical development.


Early Start - Music by Heart
In the pipeline…

We are developing sensory music for children with profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD) in conjunction with practitioners and parents. This has been a great partnership - observing, creating, trialling, getting feedback and we are about to start developing an app for the music.
Latest project! Music for young children with cochlear implants

This project investigates multisensory music which can be used to help children with cochlear implants make sense of sounds - not only for musical enjoyment but so they can develop their speech